From Fields of Gold Fifteen years after the Civil War Francesca Standish is poor and a spinster Nate Richardson is determined to obtain the patent for a machine that can earn him a fortune in the tobacco industry France

  • Title: From Fields of Gold
  • Author: Alexandra Ripley
  • ISBN: 9780446602495
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Fifteen years after the Civil War, Francesca Standish is poor and a spinster Nate Richardson is determined to obtain the patent for a machine that can earn him a fortune in the tobacco industry Francesca names the price the rights to the machine in return for marriage to her.

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    1. Alexandra Ripley

      Alexandra Ripley was an American writer best known as the author of Scarlett, the sequel to Gone with the Wind Her first novel was Who s the Lady in the President s Bed Charleston, her first historical novel, was a bestseller, as were her next books On Leaving Charleston, The Time Returns, and New Orleans Legacy Scarlett received some bad reviews, but was very successful nonetheless She attended the elite Ashley Hall, in Charleston, South Carolina, and Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York.She died in Richmond, Virginia, and is survived by two daughters from her first marriage to Leonard Ripley, a son in law and granddaughter, Alexandra Elizabeth.Ripley has also published works under the name B.K Ripley.

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    1. Why I Forgot About This Book At the Bottom Of My Closet and Probably Should Have Left It There.As you can tell from the above, I was not a happy camper with this book. The basic story is the h Chess marries the womanizing man ho (okay the H) Nate. She also comes with a patent for a fancy schmancy tobacco rolling machine-- yep this is the beginning of the smoking industry before we all got wiser and learned Just Say NO. Chess is an amazing woman for her time, as the author would have you believe, [...]

    2. Unusual Love Story, Rich in Detail of Both the American South and Aristocratic London in late 19th CenturyHaving read Alexandra Ripley’s Scarlett, I was eager to read another by this author.It begins in the South in 1875. Francesca (“Chess”) Standish, was raised to be a lady but the Civil War left her at 30 with only a rundown plantation and a patent on her grandfather’s machine to make cigarettes. Once her life was filled with laughter, now she is gray and glum. She wants to be married [...]

    3. Много моя книга, като се има предвид, че една от любимите ми е "Отнесени от вихъра". А краят ме изненада приятно и още повече затвърди намерението ми да й дам максимална оценка. Ще се хареса със сигурност на любителите на любовни истории, но и на всички онези, които харесват вр [...]

    4. I loved this book! Alexandra Ripley's writing style is very engaging - I couldn't put this book down! The characters are terrific, and there was so much I could relate to (which is why I love historical fiction in the first place). If you enjoy novels like Gone with the Wind, then you will love From Fields of Gold. Great read.

    5. Stupid book. Both H and h, who are married, cheated on each other with ow and om. The wife learns some sexy moves from om and seduces husband. HEA. Not.

    6. I remember I loved this book but may need to revisit bc I remember very little except it was a major saga. I accidentally ran across this at the library probably 8 years ago.

    7. A good look into post civil war America of the south. Ripley has a good hand for realistic descriptions and a complex story line. I love her descriptions of fashions "of the day". The settings of North Carolina, and London, England shows a love of diverse countries.The only area I found lacking was the lack of depth of the relationship between mother and daughter.All in all a good read.

    8. Paperback -An Outstanding American Historical Romance era 1875 after the Civil War, an awesome, rich novel. The historical detailed were well researched giving us a powerful novel set in the old south. Before the Civil War the South was rich and beautiful with large lush plantations. But after the war the south had fallen into disarray and Francesca 'Chess' Standish was no exception. Francesca being the main character is a believable, lively, strong woman described in detail as all the character [...]

    9. I’m a huge fan of “Gone with the Wind” and I like to read books about the good old days of the glorious South. Alexandra Ripley wrote the sequel “Scarlett”, so I was quite curious about this story… and I wasn´t disappointed.After the Civil War, the southern aristocrats are facing hard times. Chess Standish has a difficult time keeping the old farm going but, when a young entrepreneur named Nate Richardson knocks at her door, offering to buy the patent to a tobacco machine her grandf [...]

    10. The story takes place 15 years after the Civil War in antebellum Virginia. Francesca "Chess" Standish lives on a much reduced plantation. Nate is a young entrepreneur from North Carolina who learns of a patent owned by Chess's grandfather for a cigarette rolling machine. Nate want to buy the patent, but Chess has a deal to make. She is now too old, tall and thin, and poor. She bargains with Nate to marry her and give her a family in return for the patent. She becomes a very good business partner [...]

    11. By the author who wrote the sequel to Gone With the Wind. From Fields of Gold does not follow those same characters but delves into the lives of those who lived in the Carolinas after the Civil War. I learned a bit about tobacco growing, harvesting, and processing. It was pleasing to read that the hard work of the main characters brought eventual success. The rapid growth of their town and forecasting of many successful inventions and investments was unbelievable. The affairs, the excessive spen [...]

    12. Lovely escape fiction to a time long before mine, when inventions were mind-boggling for the time, just as they seem to be now. It certainly gives truth to the adage, if you can dream it, you can make it real. Love when authors insert real historical characters into a book to make the story seem real! I don't know of many avid readers who have not heard about Oscar Wilde. And finally, loved her final page - "This book is a work of fiction. No one ever really beat Buck Duke." Makes me want to che [...]

    13. Loved this book. As expected the author brought an amazing historical romance to life. The time in America when anyone could make it big with a lot of hard work & some great ideas. The love story between Chess & Nathan is beautiful in it's own way because it makes you remember that sometimes the thing you long for the most has been in front of your face all along.

    14. Ripley always does an excellent job of portraying her heroines with gentle sensibilities and realistic universal themes that transcend time. Specifically, her description of Chess' relationship with Nate, an all too easily tempted man is in love with his brother's wife. I've read this book about 2x. I've enjoyed it both!

    15. A co-worker at the time lent this to me. This was not a book I normally would've picked up, but once I did? I couldn't put it down. I was immersed, hooked, and looking for any opportunity to read more. I even have re-read this book a couple of times since. Wonderful author. I was sorry to learn she had died. Thankful she shared her talent with the world before her passing.

    16. ripley's done it again! i LOVE this book! Chess, nate, and lily seem like real people to me; ive read this book so many times. there were a few parts i decided to skip over IS a romance, u know ;) but the ending is to die for. i actually cried the first time i read it, and i dont usually cry over books. read it. today.

    17. If anything had actually happened in this book, I might have liked it. Chess is sad that no one lives her, Nate's sad because he's poor. Nate makes money and sleeps around. Chess pisses and moans until the last three pages.

    18. The book describes the era. It looks at the hardships that one faces in life and the conviction to succeed. Tess and Nate's story show that even though life is difficult at times, trust, love, forgiveness and inner strength can make us a success.

    19. Written by the author of Scarlett, the sequel to Gone to the Wind, this book follows the tobacco industry as it began in North Carolina. Interesting and somewhat romantic, but not completely engrossing.

    20. I'm having trouble finding this one. However, someone said that this is actually the German translation of From Fields of Gold. So I'm thinking this is not a separate AR book.

    21. I loved this bookloved the story.I was very sad when this ended.You really get to know the characters and to see them over come things and grow in love and wealth.A hard book to put down.

    22. By the author of "Scarlett". It was full of information about the beginning of the cigarette industry.A little sugary.

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