Oracle s Moon When Grace Andreas s sister Petra and her husband are both killed Grace inherits the Power and responsibilities of the Oracle of Louisville as well as her sister s two young children neither of wh

  • Title: Oracle's Moon
  • Author: Thea Harrison
  • ISBN: 9780425246597
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • When Grace Andreas s sister, Petra, and her husband are both killed, Grace inherits the Power and responsibilities of the Oracle of Louisville, as well as her sister s two young children neither of which she is prepared for Then Khalil, Demonkind and Djinn Prince of House Marid, decides to make himself a part of the household both as guardian and counterpoint to Grace sWhen Grace Andreas s sister, Petra, and her husband are both killed, Grace inherits the Power and responsibilities of the Oracle of Louisville, as well as her sister s two young children neither of which she is prepared for Then Khalil, Demonkind and Djinn Prince of House Marid, decides to make himself a part of the household both as guardian and counterpoint to Grace s impudence towards the Elder Races.

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      I write paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and other stuff I taught myself to read when I was four That was around the time I tried to ride my tricycle to work I wasn t sure where work was, but I knew it had to be interesting if people went there every day Now I combine my love of books with work, and I don t have to ride my tricycle to get there My Elder Races series began May, 2011 You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook

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    1. Oh how I loved Khalil's protective instinct. It absolutely melted me. I enjoyed that this wasn't instant love as Khalil actually unfairly judged Grace at first when he didn't understand all that she went through and did for her niece and nephew. The growth between them was related beautifully with distinct changes to both their dynamic as individuals and considering their ever growing powers as well as them as a couple and eventual family. Khalil was a trip with his formal, organized, and antiqu [...]

    2. Grace and KhalilHe wished he knew how to describe to her how he felt.I started counting time for you.I want to change who I am for you.You are my Grace.He was too full, and there weren't enough words.He said, "I did not know I need grace before I met you."Then as she held him tightly, he knew that what he said had been enough.What not to love about this book? There are:-A powerful djinn who is extremely talented in sex, who is protective and good with children-A sassy, strong-willed heroin who i [...]

    3. Review posted: Happily Ever After - ReadsBlog rating: 4.5/5Grace has more responsibilities and struggles than any 23 year old should have to deal with. Her sister, Petra, and brother-in-law were killed in a car crash. She was also in the car and suffered extensive damage to her knee that is painful on a daily basis. She also became the guardian to her young niece and nephew. As if that wasn’t enough, the Power of the Oracle transferred from Petra to Grace and now she’s learning how to contro [...]

    4. If I won one of those multi-million dollar lotteries, after using a portion of my extensive wealth for good and maintaining my harem of hot men I would throw gobs and gobs of money at Thea Harrison until she agreed to come live next door and write me stories every day. This lady continues to completely knock my socks with her Elder Races series. And Oracle's Moon may be my favorite yet.The super-sexy man at the center of this book is Khalil. As the last book ended, the djinn agreed to watch over [...]

    5. Normally I don't like children predominantly featured in my paranormal books, they get in the way of fights, action, killing times. You get the picture. However, in this book they enhanced it and added to the hero's appeal and the heroine's life. The children weren't obtrusive, nor did they completely subsume the plot. The story is about Grace, the newly me intend Oracle (of Delphi), located in KY. She became the Oracle when her sister and brother-in-law died in a car accident a few months ago a [...]

    6. *Audio Book Review5 Djinn Loving Stars!!I originally read this book in March 2012 and again at least once a year since then and just realized I've not wrote a review.ever for this fantastic book!This is one of my absolute favorite books in the series. I absolutely adore Grace, young precocious Chloe, and baby Max. Grace has custody of her beloved niece and nephew since their parents (her sister and Brother in law) untimely deaths. And then there's Khalil, Djinn Prince of House Madrid.Gracie and [...]

    7. While the romance here is lovely and the main dude awesome, there is a surprising lack of action in this one, and I mean absolutely nothing happens through most of the book, one or two intense scenes being the exception. I guess I'm used to my PNR to be more dynamic and faster, not just centered on thoughts and conversations. Same as in the previous two books, the second half of it is unbelievably mushy, so that got me from 5 stars while reading the first half to 3 stars after finally finishing [...]

    8. 5+ "A Whole New World" Stars!Wow! It's been almost a full day and I'm still excited (that's sayin' something right there, folks). Ok, so the entire time I was reading this book, the song "A Whole New World" from Disney's ALADIN was playing in my head. Probably because that movie genie was my go to genie reference before now. Now, Khalil will always and forever be my number one Djinn. You can't call Khalil a genie, he's a Djinn Prince. Plus they aren't called genies in the book. And Genie- ALADIN [...]

    9. I wasn't sure what to expect going into this novel. It picks up where Serpent's Kiss left off (I believe it's the morning after the events that transpired at the end of the book). Though this can probably stand alone, I recommend reading Serpent's Kiss first. This novel is much more internally focused than the previous books were. While there is outside conflict, it doesn't come to play until later in the book. Mostly we got to see Grace and Kahlil interacting with each other on a daily basis, i [...]

    10. Update 8/11/162nd Attempt DNF @40%Calling a spade a spade on this one Stacie if you're reading this; I did it for the nookie and STILL couldn't make it far enough to read said nookie *insert sad face while hanging head in shame* JewelsyGoolsy loserface Original review 2/11/16DNF @ 35%, I really triedFor those of you who love their PNR romances, please don't mistake this DNF as being a bad story (quite the opposite, in fact). No, this was a DNF for me because it's a proven fact that Jewelsy DOES [...]

    11. ★★★★★ (This is a review of the audiobook.) As I’ve said before, Sophie Eastlake is not my favorite narrator. In truth, she’s one of the reasons I’ve not returned to this series in a while. That, and there was a lot of politics in the last two. But I recently read the short story #3.5 True Colors, and I thought I’d see if this talented author could capture the magic of the first book in the series. Ms. Eastlake is the reader for this audiobook series, and some people just adore [...]

    12. Rating 4.5I loved the first book in the series and with the rest I had problems because I felt the other things, like politics over-shadowed the romance but this one wasn't like this. It was all romance and I loved it.Grace was the new Oracle after her sister and her husband died. It was a role she never thought she would have to take and instead of dealing with the grief of losing her family, she has no time, she has her niece and nephew to take care of, a new role to play as well as deal with [...]

    13. 4 stars"You’re perfectly safe. I’ve got you. I’ve always got you. You’re mine. I will never let go. I will always protect you. You are my life now. Do you understand anything I’m saying?”Khalil, so sweet! *sigh*. Really, I admire Thea Harrison, she writes amazing, varied, fascinating characters. Especially the heroes. I liked this installment a lot, but maybe in part to my mood wasn't able to fully enjoy it. Still, another winner by TH. Not to mention-that excerpt from the next book [...]

    14. 4 to 4.5 stars!!This was another wonderful book in the series. I really love the world Harrison has created. The main couple in Oracle's Moon, Khalil and Grace, had a beautiful romance and love story. So far, Harrison's heroes are 3 for 3 in my eyes (I skipped book 3); each one is pure perfection! They are perfect alphas who are 100% protective, possessive, affectionate and loving to the heroines. The three I have read about (Dragos, Tiago and Khalil) are totally swoon-worthy. The heroines (Pia, [...]

    15. I loved Loved LOVED this book! It's been a while since I've felt this way. If weren't for the slipping towards then end this would have been a 6 star read for sures!But whatever! I loved it and will definitely visit these guys again!Sorry for the lame ass review but I just can't get into the writing zone, so I'll keep doing what I do best. Reading.

    16. Re-read January 2014This is a Quickie Review. For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.Expected Release Date: March 6, 2012 (Available Now!)Publisher: Penguin Publishing GroupImprint: Berkley SensationAuthor’s Website: theaharrison/My Source for This Book: NetgalleyPart of a Series: Yes, Book 4, Elder Races SeriesSeries Best Read In Order: Worked well as a standaloneSteam Level: SteamyGrace Andreas comes from a long line of Oracles, women descended from the original Oracle of Delp [...]

    17. AMAZING!!!!!!! After the disappointment of Serpent's Kiss, Thea Harrison has completely redeemed herself with this book. Kahlil & Grace's relationship was breathtakingly sweet. Watching it progress & grow from "protection" to love was a journey! I think my favorite part of romance books is experiencing new love with the characters. The butterflies in the stomach, the anticipation of the others arrival, the expectation of the first kiss. A talented author will enable you to feel these emo [...]

    18. Audio version. Loved it. Can't say enough great things about this series. Perfect heroes.

    19. With any great series, it's hard for each news book to stand up to high expectations. Add to that a first book that has joined the ranks of "re-read favorites", and I was paralyzed with excitement and fear when I picked up ORACLE'S MOON. No one is more excited than I to find that no only did ORACLE'S MOON stand up to how much I enjoyed SERPENT'S KISS, it has joined DRAGON BOUND as a book that I know I'll be re-reading to enjoy again in the future. Grace and Khalil's relationship, as well as the [...]

    20. 02/09/15 reread: Next to Dragon Bound, this is my other comfort read in this series. Something about how Grace's plight makes Khalil reexamine everything he thinks he knows gets to me. HARD. Yep, I still love this one like mad.2012:Standard disclaimer: I love this series. Seriously, I'm stupidly in love with every little piece of this world. I plan on fangirling so hard that I'm going to need oxygen before I get to the end of this review.Yeah. So. This book blew me away. I mean, for the love of [...]

    21. I mean, this is a 3 1/2 for me overall, but I enjoyed the hero so much and his malapropisms, that I bumped it up, haha. This is a continuation of a series that I read the first one in (and enjoyed in a really tongue-in-cheek way). We picked this as an alt in my Vaginal Fantasy book because it was "Djinn" month, and I really enjoyed it! The practical problems of an Oracle who's a single mother of two small children and has real financial problems could have been a bit lame, but I really bought in [...]

    22. This book was really good! Khalil is an uber powerful alpha male, but he is also really not human at all. He's a force of nature, a Djinn. I love that beyond his first impression he never thinks of Grace as some lowly human. He opens himself to getting to know Grace once he decides to protect her niece and nephew. After observing her his interest is peaked by her fiery personality and power (which he can literally see). They have some funny conversations about how to behave around humans and wha [...]

    23. 4.5 stars!I didn’t realize a formless Djinn could be so sexy, but now that I do, I want one for my very own! I am truly a fan of this series. Ms. Harrison’s world building is so dynamic that I get caught up in it from the very first page. She also has a wonderful ability for writing such witty dialog that I can’t help but fall in love with the characters. The whole psychic connection between Khalil (sexy, arrogant Djinn hero) and Grace (sweet, smart, badass heroine) was fascinating to me. [...]

    24. My high school math teacher told me that the words "indeed" and "splendid" were disappearing from the English language. Not if Thea Harrison has anything to say about it! INDEED, this book is the most erotic Elder Races yet! Holy smokes, and I'm not just talking about Kahlil. After the measured pacing of Serpent's Kiss, Ms. Harrison comes back in a rush. This book is charming (hey, how can it not be with two small children in the mix?) and Kahlil is endearing - a fish out of water who falls in l [...]

    25. 5 stars This is my favorite book in the series so far!Wow. That was pretty-freakin-awesome. I could definitely see myself reading this again in the future it was that good!The characters were kickass. The sex was (wow) out of this world. The storyline was great even though there wasn't all that much action, the parts that were woah. So cool and intense!I love the Elder Race world. Its so incredibly intriguing. Im seriously devouring this series Gawsh. So goooood!On to the next one!

    26. 5/5; 5 stars; A+This book is a fantastic example of a paranormal romance, with emphasis on the romance. I really enjoyed the way Khalil and Grace's characters were developed and how the story unfolded. I like how Harrison is not afraid to make a female character who seems like she might be weak and not very kick ass, but deep inside there lurks a mighty heroine. Grace was that heroine. Awesome.

    27. 4.5 stars. Grace struggles to raise her dead sister's children. A wickedly hot Djinn "helps" a little. Good thing he's on the scene when danger stalks, but Grace finds that she's no victim. Girl power is a Louisville oracle. Tender. Sexy. Suspenseful. Sometimes funny. Loved it! Loved the children, too.

    28. Second read July 2014I am not much of a re-reader, but my plans to savor this in audio fell prey to my greed - I was just going to read a few pages on my Kindle and before I knew it I'd gobbled the whole thing down. This may be my favorite Elder Races book. Oh well, maybe the third time will be the charmReview from first read March 2012 Ancient and powerful Djinn prince Khalil has given his vow to protect the children in the care of the newly minted Oracle Grace and with all sorts of trouble sti [...]

    29. OMG! Thea Harrison undid herself! She created such fun, well-written characters in this book(we have to have another one about them :D they have more to say). The great thing is that it didn't end as I feared, thank you gods! This will be one of the books that I'll love to re-read.Favorite quotes(there were more but I was to absorbed in the book to write them down :D): “Come over to the table. Sit with your aunt. I will clear away this mess and…I will achieve pancakes.”Grace’s lovely, ti [...]

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