Montana Sky When Jack Mercy died he left behind a ranch worth nearly twenty million dollars Now his three daughters each born of a different mother and each unknown by the others are gathered to hear the readin

  • Title: Montana Sky
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780425205754
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • When Jack Mercy died, he left behind a ranch worth nearly twenty million dollars Now his three daughters each born of a different mother, and each unknown by the others are gathered to hear the reading of the will But the women are shocked to learn that before any of them can inherit, they must live together on the ranch for one year For Tess, a screenwriter who just waWhen Jack Mercy died, he left behind a ranch worth nearly twenty million dollars Now his three daughters each born of a different mother, and each unknown by the others are gathered to hear the reading of the will But the women are shocked to learn that before any of them can inherit, they must live together on the ranch for one year For Tess, a screenwriter who just wants to collect her cash and get back to Hollywood, it s a nightmare For Lily, on the run from her abusive ex husband, it s a refuge And for Willa who grew up on the ranch it s an intrusion into her rightful home.They are sisters and strangers Now they face a challenge to put their bitterness aside and live like a family To protect each other from danger and unite against a brutal enemy who threatens to destroy them all

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      Nora Roberts is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of than 200 novels, including Come Sundown, The Obsession, The Liar, and coming in December 2017, Year One the first book in The Chronicles of The One She is also the author of the futuristic suspense In Death series written under the pen name J.D Robb There are than 500 million copies of her books in print.

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    1. I read it all the way through, but I hated it. There were so many ridiculous factual inaccuracies that I could write a novel on this novel! How incredibly annoying to someone who actually lives this life that she would butcher/romanticize it to this extent! Booo! Boooo!Most notably:In the very beginning, the main character's love interest hears a shot and goes running to find the main character butchering a bear she just shot. Apparently, she shot it because it was attacking her. First of all, y [...]

    2. “Men didn't respect beautyey used it.” A disliked bastard of a man is a successful ranch owner who owns millions in property. Cursed with the inability to bear son offspring rather than those silly women seeds, he kicks out two ex-wives who curse him with daughters, never having anything to do with his children until Willa, who sticks by his side devotedly until he keels over. Once dead, his frustrating will dictates that his three daughters must live together on the ranch for a year to even [...]

    3. The death of her father took Willa Mercy by surprise - he hadn't even told her he was sick. Finding out that the cold man who she'd tried her entire life to please had left a will that took away the home she'd grown up in and the ranch she'd worked on for her entire life and split it between herself and two half-sisters she'd never even met, demanding that to get anything, they all had to live together on Mercy ranch for a year, is a betrayal that she can't even process. Then, still reeling from [...]

    4. When three sisters - complete strangers to each other - try to live and work together on a ranch in Montana, sparks are bound to fly.The Wounded Deer, Hollywood and Cowgirl will have to put their differences aside and perhaps become the family they were meant to be.A perfect read for a rainy day. You'll get to sigh at tender moments and chuckle or even laugh out loud at funny scenes and witty dialogues. I highly recommend it for all lovers of romance with a bit of thriller and mystery thrown in [...]

    5. I read this when it first came out and then again a few years back. And I've seen the Lifetime movie as well. My rating is based on the enjoyment from years ago and I'm not sure what my reaction would be if I read it today. I did enjoy it enough to add it to my personal library when it initially came out.

    6. Woohooo! This was LOOONGGGG but I loved every minute of it. I think this was one of the best Nora Roberts books I've ever read/listened to.

    7. I was forced to read this for my MFA in writing Popular Fiction at Seton Hill University. That being said, I would have stopped reading at 10%, which would have resulted in me missing a pretty decent romance.It wasn't the best, but. . ce and decent.Let's see. . .This book is a simple mathematical computation.Multiply: a hot cowboy times 3Add three half-sisters, that don't really know each well, but are forced to get to know each other due to their dead father's will. Additionally, at first I don [...]

    8. Por fin he terminado el libro y digo por fin porque se me ha hecho eterno. La traducción es malísima hasta el punto que he llegado a plantearme si no lo habían traducido con traductor. No han sabido traducir determinadas expresiones que eran básicas y que han hecho que saliera de la lectura una y otra vez. Respecto a los protagonistas tampoco puedo decir mucho. Aunque la protagonista indiscutible es Willa en su historia no se profundiza demasiado. No sé casi nada de su infancia (y había mu [...]

    9. Thank the heavens for another stormer of a novel from Nora Roberts with none of those pesky supernatural, paranormal happenings. This is a straight forward awesome romance with a bit of suspense thrown in to keep the stakes high of course.I loved the setting. I have always wanted to go to Montana and stay on a ranch but I figure I would be a mix of Tess and Lily once I'm there. Anyway, beautiful, gorgeous setting.And the three sisters! Awesome characterisation and you fall in love with all three [...]

    10. You can find this review in English below.Recuerdo haber tenido la misma sensación cuando vi la película que leyendo el libro. La historia pintaba interesante y con 450 páginas pensaba que habría tiempo suficiente para desarrollar todos los personajes a la perfección, pero no ha sido así. Es casi un crimen decir que todo ha pasado my rápido y que los personajes han sido bidimensionales. Páginas había para dar profundidad a la trama y a los protagonistas, pero al final han estado llenas [...]

    11. In 2004, there was an Egyptian movie called "حب البنات" aka Girls Love that I absolutely loved, it's still one of my favorite movies. A few years later, I went into a DVD store to find a Nora Roberts movie titled Montana Sky, released 2007. I bought it on the spot and watched with amazement. The arabic movie was based on Nora's novel, and both movies became one of my favorite that I watched many times over.After the death of their father, three half sisters Willa, Tess, and Lily Mercy ( [...]

    12. Could've done without the drawn-out drama and the multiple chapters from the killer's POV, which I never like. (view spoiler)[But bonus points for letting Ham live in the end. I would've been upset had he not made it.(hide spoiler)]But aside from that, I loved this. SISTERSSSSSSS. I loved all three of them, but I do believe Tess was my favourite. Although I might change my mind about that in a couple of minutes' time, because they're all pretty great. Ben and Willa were by far my favourite pairi [...]

    13. Jack Mercy had been a bastard in life. Three wives, two divorces (the third wife died before he could divorce her), and three daughters (each with a different wife), two of whom he’d discarded (along with their mothers) because they weren’t boys, while he couldn’t really get rid of the third because of her dead mother. Yet he never treated Willa Mercy like a daughter, but more of a nuisance, never showing her the ropes, slapping her both figuratively and literally.And now, after his death, [...]

    14. Turns out I'm really not enamored of thriller elements in Roberts's plots. I kept wishing they weren't there, or that they were different. But I liked the sisters a lot, and I appreciated the observation that they were all supposed to hate each other. Jack Mercy: what an idiot. Though I wish Willa and Ben had acknowledged that ultimately, they were what Jack wanted, and I wish Adam had felt less like a protector and Lily less like a lost child. Otherwise, there are a lot of golden moments here, [...]

    15. So I thoroughly enjoyed this one. In this one, the book starts out at a funeral. You find out that the funeral is of Jack Mercy, a real SOB. He ha three daughters. Only one of them, the yougest Willa, actually grew up with him on his ranch because her mother died when she was a baby. The first daughter, Tess, lives in LA California writing screenplays. The second, Lilly, is from Virginia, but has been moving around a lot hiding and running from her abusive ex husband. She arrives at the funeral [...]

    16. Kelepir fiyata kaptığım - 10 tl - kitabı büyük bir zevkle okudum. Klasik Nora tarzında, üç kız kardeş üç de boylu poslu erkek; kısacası Nora'nın üçleme takıntısının güzel bir örneği. Adından anlaşılacağı gibi Montana'da bir çiftlikte geçiyor, önce kız kardeşler bağlarını kuruyor, bu esnada da erkeklere kalplerini kaptırıyorlar. Bir de çiftlikte dönen iğrenç işler, ölümler, kafa yüzmeler felan var ki uzun bir süre kim olduğu ortaya çıkmıyor. Bu [...]

    17. 4 but more like 4.5 starsI had no idea how to begin this review since this was the longest book I've read in a long time and A LOT of stuff happens and I had A LOT of feelings about the stuff that happens. But I'll stick to the major ones.The relationships between the three very different sisters that developed over time and through triumphs, tears and terrors were the most rewarding aspects of this book. Of course I enjoyed the individual romances (how could I not?) as well but the siblings wer [...]

    18. I loved this book! Definitely would recommend this to anyone who is looking to read a quintessential Nora Roberts book. Love, romance, family, betrayal, suspense, murder, and laugh out loud dialogue.I thought I would be frustrated with a book that, from the synopsis, describes a book with three love interests/couples. The book is less than 450 pages, how in the world could NR manage to have three couple story lines, plus all the other details and scenes with other characters? I was definitely wo [...]

    19. 3 StarsI don’t like my own rating for this story. I love Nora with my whole heart and I feel a 3 Star rating is poor form on my behalf. I’m going to blame the fact that I listened to the audio version, instead of reading the book. Full disclosure, this was my very first audio book experience, and if I’m being honest, I didn’t particularly enjoy it. The whole format just doesn’t work for me, I guess. The woman narrating this story was pretty impressive with her vocal fluency and effortl [...]

    20. Well, my friend just loaned me ten NR books and I decided to start with this one, hopefully it's good or even better =)Okay, about 700 pages later, I'm finished. And I have mixed feelings about this book. Good things: Montana (I love the scenery in the film Horse Whisperer and for some reason the book reminded me of the film), Adam and Nate, I loved reading about them (especially when Nate tells Tess that he- the cowboy from Montana- graduated from Yale or the first sex scene with Nate and Tesse [...]

    21. Mean old Montana rancher Jack Mercy dies and leaves the ranch to his three daughters, born of three different mothers, none of whom have ever met before. The catch is that in order to inherit their third of the multi-million ranch, they all have to live on the ranch for one year with no more than one week away.Californian screen writer Tess is mad, fleeing abused wife Lily is grateful but scared, and rancher Willa is furious. And not only do they have to adjust to each other and their changed li [...]

    22. This is the first book I've read by Nora Roberts that disappointed me. I kept reading through to the end because I wanted to know who was doing the killing, but that was the only reason. I found the three main female characters so one dimensional as to almost be caricatures of themselves. Much like many of her other books we had: the tough tomboy woman, the abused sweet woman, and the sexy femme fatale. But they were all so far into their role that they didn't feel like real people at all. The m [...]

    23. This is a story about 3 women, Willa, Lily and Tess who inherit a Montana Ranch from their deceased father who never laid claim to any of the 3 women. Willa was the only one left on the ranch and assumed she'd inherit until the will was read. In the will Jack Mercy, their father, stated that the only way any of them would get a piece of his pie was if they all lived on the ranch for a year together. They had never met before this day.This is a story of family, love, trust, and murder. Ms Roberts [...]

    24. Typical Nora Roberts, which means a decent romance, though not her best.Three half-sisters who have never met are forced to live together on a Montana ranch in order to inherit it from the uncaring father who'd never shown any love. Of course there are three incredibly handsome and wonderful men in the picture.And there's a crazy afoot, killing and carving up first animals and then people with his knife. Some pretty good suspense there.What makes this, to me, not one of NR's best, is that she ha [...]

    25. This novel gives the reader 3 heroes and 3 heroines. The story seems to center more on Willa, the sister who was raised on the ranch. She is forced to share her home with two sisters she had never met. Strangers. All with very different lives and personalities. But their father's will demanded they live on the ranch for one year before they can inherit. There was much that needed to be told that didn't get told. I would have like to have seen a little more character development on each of the si [...]

    26. Nora Roberts delivers again with this story of three sisters thrown together because of an unusual provision in their father's will. Montana serves as a backdrop for the story, with every season used to give us a visual image of ranch life in the Midwest. I enjoyed the story, especially each sister's own self discovery. It wasn't just through the men that entered the picture but what they were able to learn from each other and redefine family. Roberts has also created extremely likable male char [...]

    27. Oh my gosh this book had me so torn. It frustrated me becauee the romantic aspect of this book was SO predictable. I had the love stories pegged after about 15min into the book. oh my gosh but this book also put me through a damn loop. I didnt expect it and thats what made me LOVE this book. that twist I never saw coming. I do have to admit I loved the characters all of them. everyone from willa to ham down to Bes and tesses mom. each were great. I have to say this book would make an Awesome mov [...]

    28. whatever happened to strong female characters who didn't need a man in their life? it seemed as though the men had no flaws, and all they did was point out to the women that the women had flaws and the women fell in love with them anyway. and a woman who just came out of an abusive marriage meets and marries someone else in less than 9 months? i feel like the characters started out strong in the beginning but then instead of growing, they declined. and i don't like it when authors bounce from po [...]

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