Midnight Bayou New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts presents a novel set deep in the bayou of Louisiana where the only witness to a long ago tragedy is a once grand house Declan Fitzgerald had always bee

  • Title: Midnight Bayou
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780515142860
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts presents a novel set deep in the bayou of Louisiana where the only witness to a long ago tragedy is a once grand house Declan Fitzgerald had always been the family maverick, but even he couldn t understand his impulse to buy a dilapidated mansion on the outskirts of New Orleans All he knew was that ever since he first saw 1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts presents a novel set deep in the bayou of Louisiana where the only witness to a long ago tragedy is a once grand house Declan Fitzgerald had always been the family maverick, but even he couldn t understand his impulse to buy a dilapidated mansion on the outskirts of New Orleans All he knew was that ever since he first saw Manet Hall, he d been enchanted and obsessed with it So when the opportunity to buy the house comes up, Declan jumps at the chance to live out a dream.Determined to restore Manet Hall to its former splendor, Declan begins the daunting renovation room by room, relying on his own labor and skills But the days spent in total isolation in the empty house take a toll He is seeing visions of days from a century past, and experiencing sensations of terror and nearly unbearable grief sensations not his own, but those of a stranger Local legend has it that the house is haunted, and with every passing day Declan s belief in the ghostly presence grows.Only the companionship of alluring Angelina Simone can distract him from the mysterious happenings in the house, but Angelina too has her own surprising connection to Manet Hall a connection that will help Declan uncover a secret that s been buried for a hundred years.

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    1. Nora Roberts

      Nora Roberts is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of than 200 novels, including Come Sundown, The Obsession, The Liar, and coming in December 2017, Year One the first book in The Chronicles of The One She is also the author of the futuristic suspense In Death series written under the pen name J.D Robb There are than 500 million copies of her books in print.

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    1. Declan Fitzgerald moves from Boston to New Orleans. He has recently bought an old plantation house (Manet Hall) and he is going to try to restore it to its former splendor. He can't explain why but he feels a very strong pull towards this house and he even knows how some rooms look inside the house before he even sees them.One day he sees a girl playing outside with a dog by the pond in the bayou. Later he meets her for real in town. She is the owner of a bar and her name is Lena (Angelina) Simo [...]

    2. What a disappointment!I'm so sad to report… this was my second Nora Roberts book that got 2 stars from me (from 31 books I’ve read). I had high hopes for this one, but unfortunately, it turned out to be a total let down. The first half was great. The tragedy of Abigail and Lucian which happened in the past grabbed my attention from the very start. I couldn’t stop turning the pages to find out the truth as it was gradually revealed to me.Too bad, around 65% of the book, I started to get bor [...]

    3. This book was published back in 2001 but still feels current. I had read this when it originally was published but pulled it from the shelves when one of the groups I'm in selected it for the October challenge. I enjoyed this one a lot and put another book on the back burner as I enjoyed this one more.The story of Lucien and Abigail is relived with Declan and Lena when Declan starts renovating an old house and falls in love with Lena. The ghosts of Lucien and Abigail and their tragic past haunts [...]

    4. Declan leaves a lucrative job to buy a dilapidated mansion near New Orleans. He doesn't know why he is driven to restore Manet Hall to its former glory, but he follows his instincts. He also follows his instincts when he meets Angelina. He knows she's the one, he just has to convince her.Meanwhile the two of them are having dreams of people who lived in the mansion years earlier and their tragic deaths.This is a creepy murder mystery and suspense as only the Great Nora can do. Excellent book wit [...]

    5. I always feel a bit guilty rereading books, there are so many great books out there just waiting to be read! But, I have read every single book by Nora Roberts so now, when I need a Nora fix, I have no choice but to reread. It always feels like revisiting old friendsDeclan Fitzgerald is drawn to the dilapidated Manet Manor in New Orleans - so much so that he buys the house, uproots his posh life in Boston, and dedicates himself to the restoration of the old home. The fact that Miss Odette and he [...]

    6. Loved Midnight Bayou by Nora Roberts. It was so good. I loved that the main characters had past lives and that their was big twist about who they were in those past lives. People who are a fan of romance books have to read this book.

    7. Overall rating: 4.5 "Cher" stars!Triggers:Cheating: (view spoiler)[ No(hide spoiler)]Love triangle: (view spoiler)[ No(hide spoiler)]Sex with om/ow: (view spoiler)[ No(hide spoiler)]Intimate pasts: (view spoiler)[ Declan (hero): Was your normal guy. Prior to moving to New Orleans, he was engaged to be married. He was with the girl for a few years, but knew he was settling. He wasn't "in love" with her and she wasn't "in love" with him either. He mentions "he has only had sex once" in the 6 month [...]

    8. Ahhh Declan, keşke etrafta senden birkaç tane olsaydı. Dünya daha güzel bir yer olurdu 😍😍Mükemmel bir kitap karakteri daha hayaller ve hayatlar 😔😰Kitaba puanım 3, Declan’a puanım 10 😃 Değişik, keyifli bir hikayeydi. Özellikle Declan’ın diyalogları❤️ben 🙃 Adamın Lena’ya söylediği her cümleyle eriyip suya dönüşüyor insan. Sırf bunun için bile okunur kitap. Yazarın kalemiyle ilk kez tanıştım, farklı konusundan ve mükemmel erkek karakterinden [...]

    9. Another Nora novel. But this time, it’s in Louisiana!Nora always does a wonderful job of researching her settings, and Midnight Bayou was no exception. The plantation on the bayou felt so quintessentially Louisiana, and Nora did a good job of nailing the spirit of New Orleans and the Cajun accents and the Southern way of life in general.Ghost stories are a common theme in Nora’s work, but this one takes a bit of a different route for her. Reincarnation plays a big role, which was more unusua [...]

    10. nora roberts is a godrong women, dark and handsome men, murder and intrigue, the french quarter and creole superstition, and lots of failed attempts at restraint make for one heck of a guilty pleasure.

    11. 3.5 starsAs usual, Nora Roberts delivers an incredibly entertaining story. Since there are already a hundred reviews waxing poetic about how wonderful it is, I'll just quickly tell you why this wasn't another five-star read for me.- Lena plays games. For all the talk about how much of a straight-shooter she is, she relies on the head games with Declan a little too often. This is a personal thing for me, exasperated by the fact that every god damn female lead is overly stubborn these days. I'm ki [...]

    12. "I love Nora Roberts. She is one of my go-to authors when I can't decide what to read or am just not in the mood to pick up something new. I find her work fun, refreshing, and just plain exhilarating, and I've read almost everything she has published. I consider myself a Nora Roberts expert.[return][return]Unfortunately, this is not one of my favorites of hers. The snappy dialogue that I've come to expect from her is lacking. I just don't care enough about any of the characters to really get int [...]

    13. Nora Roberts'a hayranım! 200 üzerinde roman yazıp, her kitabında özgün ve canlı bir konu bulmayı başaran adeta bir kitap fabrikasıRoman iki ayrı yüzyılda geçiyor. Baş karakterimiz Declan New Orleans'ta eski bir malikaneye kapılıp orayı satın alıyor, restore etmeye başlıyor. Bu malikanede bazı hayaller/hatıralar/halisünasyonlar görmeye başlıyor. Bu arada da kendini ve malikanenin geçmişini araştırıp burada yaşanan ve evi lanetleyen cinayeti çözmeye çalışıyo [...]

    14. Houve uma altura no meu percurso como leitora em que li imensos livros da Nora Roberts, porque era aquilo que me apetecia ler e me dava algumas das coisas que então procurava nos livros. Entretanto, sou uma leitora diferente: não sou melhor nem pior, simplesmente passei a procurar outro tipo de livros e cansei-me um bocado da sensação de mais do mesmo que comecei a ter com os livros desta autora, de tal modo que ficaram lá em casa por ler uma boa quantidade deles que entretanto tinha adquir [...]

    15. I think Midnight Bayou is possibly my favorite Roberts movie! The film revolves around Harvard-educated lawyer Declan Fitzpatrick, who impulsively gives up his settled life to buy Manet Hall, a newly restored plantation manor near New Orleans, which he has always been drawn to.Local legends claim that the house is haunted, and shortly after Declan moves in he begins hearing voices and seeing things. Declan is also distracted by an undeniable attraction to Cajun local, Lena Simone. Lena was raise [...]

    16. MIDNIGHT BAYOU by Nora RobertsMy Thoughts:This book opens with a scene from the past, which lets you in on the sad history of Manet Hall. The opening was very powerful and once the book switched to present day I immediately wondered more about what had happened long ago. One thing I loved about the layout of this book was that it went back and forth (small scenes, spaced out in moderation) to add more knowledge of the past events. That was something I enjoyed, as it would have driven me nuts not [...]

    17. KcLu's review posted on Guilty Pleasures4.75 StarsMidnight Bayou is a wonderful mixture of two stories that connect in a beautiful and at times spooky way. I have read this books many times since it came out originally. I usually take a while between readings, so it is like reading it for the first time every time and I have to say it kinda freaks me out a bit every time…lol BUT I am a self-admitted chicken.Declan Fitzgerald has always felt a strong pull towards the old Manet Hall, and now he [...]

    18. I read this as an unabridged audiobook which is usually an advantage for me but I may have been better off reading the paperback version because I wasn’t thrilled with the male narrator who reads the bulk of the book. His voice kept putting me off and kept me at a distance from the story or maybe I should face the fact that the romance just wasn’t that great. I guess the combination of the two didn't help.The prologue details some nasty business featuring rape, murder and madness that went d [...]

    19. One of my goals for 2013 is to read outside my genre comfort zone, and I could think of no better way to commit to that than by starting off with Nora Roberts. I did ease the shock by picking a novel set in Louisiana (I'm from there), and somebody recommended this one to me after reading Summer Gothic, so there it is.I've read one or two romance novels before, and the basic problems I have with the genre remain, so let me get them out of the way: 1) Perfect people are not interesting characters. [...]

    20. Okay, I'm going to admit to personal bias and a specific idiosyncrasy of mine here that has totally played into how I perceived and reacted to this particular Nora Roberts book. I HATE the term "dusky" when referring to a person's skin tone. I know it's not a racial slur, and I am sure that Roberts in no way meant for it to be offensive. However, for me, and I can't even explain exactly why, it just rubs me the wrong way. It's a perfectly legitimate description, but in my mind it somehow just fe [...]

    21. Nu stiu de ce ,dar toate cartile scrise de Nora Roberts au ceva special.Se pare ca in ultimul timp ,autoarea s-a axat pe povesti de dragoste care au tenta de paranormal,dar lucrul acesta nu ma deranjaza,atata timp cat rezultatul final este unul bun.Tot timpul am admirat modul in care Roberts face descrierile.Tot timpul am ramas surprinsa de casele si locurile pe care le intalnim in cartile ei.Este foarte usor sa inchizi ochii si sa-ti imaginezi totul pana la cel mai mic detalui.Bine, pote o sa s [...]

    22. This woman just got it!This was my first Nora Roberts but certainly not my last. The beauty of New Orleans and the peace of the Bayou is stuck in my head and one day I will make sure I'd visit this little magic town.The book had me since page one, she captures the mood, the characters, the air and even the conversations and draws you in that makes it so hard to put the book down.Read this book, trust me you'd want it to never end. :)

    23. 2017 yılının ilk kitabını Nora abla ile açtığım için çok seviniyorum. Kitap yine güzeldi, değişikti. Ama ilk sayfalardaki olaylar beni biraz kötü etkiledi. Öyle ki bir süre kitabı okuyamadım hatta konu ilerlerken böyle içim titreyerek okudum. Ama çok beğendim. Nora ablacım çok öpüyorum seni. Ve Declan sana kesinlikle aşık olurdum eğer arada sevdiceğim olmasaydı :)

    24. It's always fun to read something written by Nora Roberts. I wanted to read something fun based in New Orleans, and she didn't disappoint.

    25. 4,5/5En la segunda lectura, Lena no es tan mala, pero Declan sigue siendo adorable :3----No sé cómo lo hizo Nora, pero estoy loquita de amor por Declan, con esa boca tan oh-my-god, que chico más zalamero, que labia por favor, u.u Es perfecto en tantos, tantos sentidos. Me hizo reír tanto con sus ocurrencias por favor sé real y búscame La única pega es ella, Angelina, tan fuerte, tan independiente, tan cruda y tan real, tan sexy y consciente de sí misma, tan demasiado-buena-para-ser-ciert [...]

    26. This book encapsulates Roberts’ strengths as a writer: eerie setting, mysterious mansion, endearing characters.Declan Fitzgerald renounces a glam, power-packed lawyer’s existence for decaying Manet Hall on the edge of New Orleans. Of course, New Orleans with its French Caribbean history is the perfect locale for all things surnaturel. And, in fact, ethnic and class conflict is the basis for the murder that preceded the hauntings.Declan, in the midst of much sawdust generating and antique pur [...]

    27. Rating: 3.5 starsMidnight Bayou is part ghost story, part Southern gothic, and part romance. I absolutely LOVED the first chapter, which details a murder that took place within the walls of Manet Hall on an eerie candlelit night in 1899. The second chapter jumps forward in time to the present day, with Declan Fitzgerald buying the old New Orleans mansion with plans of restoring it to its former beauty. I reveled in the lush Louisiana setting, the dark and steamy atmosphere, and the brief but ric [...]

    28. Declan Fitzgerald buys an old rundown plantation house as soon as it comes on the market. He has first seen Manet Hall years ago when visiting his friend, Remy, in New Orleans, and quickly fell in love with it. Now he is working night and day, restoring the old mansion to its former glory. But when he starts hearing a baby cry and slamming doors, he begins thinking the stories about the house being haunted are true. Declan meets Angelina Simone and it's love at first sight for him. He soon reali [...]

    29. "Family's the luck of the draw, Lena. What you make of yourself, because of or despite it, that's where the spine and heart come in."Declan Fitzgerald has no idea why he is drawn to the ancient mansion in Louisiana, but once he buys it and begins to fix it up, he finds himself neck deep in restless spirits, long forgotten secrets, and a love that is anything beyond his wildest dreams.Nora Roberts strikes again! Once more I found myself completely engrossed in this tale of mystery, suspense, and [...]

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