The Thief Lord Do you sometimes wish you were grown up Venice Autumn Rich Aunt Esther wants only angelic orphan Boniface not serious Prospero She hires PI Victor Getz Thief Lord Scipo brings loot clothes to

  • Title: The Thief Lord
  • Author: Cornelia Funke
  • ISBN: 9781903434772
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Paperback
  • Do you sometimes wish you were grown up Venice Autumn Rich Aunt Esther wants only angelic orphan Boniface 5, not serious Prospero 12 She hires PI Victor Getz Thief Lord Scipo brings loot, clothes, to runaways in abandoned theatre Stella Hornet adds brothers to gang with tall Mosca and scrawny Riccio But Scipio hides a secret And old Conte from a cursed isle wants Do you sometimes wish you were grown up Venice Autumn Rich Aunt Esther wants only angelic orphan Boniface 5, not serious Prospero 12 She hires PI Victor Getz Thief Lord Scipo brings loot, clothes, to runaways in abandoned theatre Stella Hornet adds brothers to gang with tall Mosca and scrawny Riccio But Scipio hides a secret And old Conte from a cursed isle wants a wooden wing, from grown orphan photographer Ida Spaveno, for his magic merry go round that changes ages Interior illustrations by author.

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    1. Cornelia Funke

      Cornelia Funke is a multiple award winning German illustrator and storyteller, who writes fantasy for all ages of readers Amongst her best known books is the Inkheart trilogy Many of Cornelia s titles are published all over the world and translated into than 30 languages She has two children, two birds and a very old dog and lives in Los Angeles, California.

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    1. I've read more books than I remember. From the classy literature books (the classics) to the crummy excuses of children's novels thrown into the public libraries to con young readers into believing that they possess quality my reading has been deep and varied. Yet there are some novels I read as a child that impacted me enough to cause me to read them over again. The Thief Lord is one of those books.What is The Thief Lord? It is a fantasy tale and an adventure story combined and set in modern Ve [...]

    2. SPOILER ALERTI hate hate hate it when a book introduces magic 3/4ths of the way through! I like fantasy, thats not the problem. But the ordinary people are supposed to discover the magic at the beginning of the book. You know, the children run through a mysterious old house in the country, hide in a wardrobe, and bam! they're in Narnia. Perfect. Don't try and tell me a realistic story and then suddenly change/solve everything with magic that the characters just accept and move on. I was adoring [...]

    3. THIS IS ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE BOOKS!I love the characters, the world, the story. Scipio was like one of my first book crushes lmao. Seriously, this book is so exciting and fun and has such a great cast of characters who all have such genuine, important friendships and it's magical and beautiful could not recommend it highly enough. It's like Six of Crows except they live in a movie theatre and they are all like 12KINDA wanna reread it again now its just the BEST

    4. Herr der Diebe = The Thief Lord, Cornelia FunkeThe Thief Lord is a children's novel written by Cornelia Funke. It was published in Germany in 2000 and translated into English by Oliver Latsch in 2002 for The Chicken House, a division of publishing company. It was also adapted into a film in 2006.The Thief Lord follows the story of brothers, Prosper and Boniface (Bo), who run away to Venice, Italy. They are taken in by a group of street children who live in an abandoned movie theater - the Stell [...]

    5. Set in contemporary Venice (around the time of both answering machines and cell phones), this is not exactly what I expected, which was a historical fantasy with lighthearted, adventurous thieving in it. What I got was a more realistic tale of runaways and orphans trying to make it in a contemporary city. Still, bonus points for Venice!There was a little bit of thieving, but it was more desperate, the group of kids scraping by while living in an abandoned movie theater. It was sad, but heartwarm [...]

    6. It's a great fantasy: Let's run away to Venice, and hide out in an old movie theater. We can dye our hair blonde, so no one will ever find us! In a way, this is a European version of From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, with siblings running away to a place stuffed with antiquities, and getting mixed up in an art mystery. I guess Victor the detective must have the Mrs. Frankweiler role.I didn't expect the touch of fantasy at the end. I'd love to read a sequel to find out what ha [...]

    7. Book of the Year Awards Really? Is it unsympathetic of me to think that this book is childish? How reductive should authors of children's lit be?I've been working with a young student this summer, and The Thief Lord, by Cornelia Funke, is a big favorite on the sixth grade circuit. This particular boy had chosen it for summer reading, and so I picked up a copy for myself.Enh.Billed as a "fantastical journey" through "the magical underworld of Venice, Italy", The Thief Lord follows a pair of orpha [...]

    8. This book did not work well to me, Cornelia Funke gave me another headache after reading her Inkheart series which I thought will be one of my favorites since the movie was great. I did like the movie very much and I dug a hole 6 feet under for the whole series not be seen by my eyes again. Well, I think I broke one of the important rules of reading and watching book-tie-in stuff. I did watch the movie before the book so that made things worst but I was hoping not.The last time I remember readin [...]

    9. Venice would be one of the places I'd visit before I die.The story of The Thief Lord weaved wonderfully with the gorgeous city of Venice.If this story had been in a different location it might not have been as appealing.I love it when a book takes me to places I have never been before.I rarely travel so that factor is very important to me.This book did just that.It took me straight to Venice.Not only did it take me to Venice, I felt like I was right in the midst of the story.Like I was one of th [...]

    10. This was a cute read. Kind of a mix between Peter Pan/Robin Hood/Oliver Twist. I thought the magical aspect would run heavier in the story than it did. I enjoyed running around on the streets of Venice with these kids, seeing it through their eyes.

    11. Peter Pan meets Six of Crows (a younger version) meets The Boxcar Children in modern-day Venice with a slight twist of fantasy near the end, in this gripping adventure tale of two brothers and their unexpected friends especially a mysterious boy named Scipio. I adored how Prosper looked after Bo--it made me happy. (Also, pet tortoises! Poor Victor. XD)Solid 4 stars throughout, might have made it to 5 stars if it had ended how I wanted As it is, it's being kept from a disappointed-2-stars current [...]

    12. Absolute 5 Sterne! Eine unglaublich schöne Geschichte, mit viel Emotionen Witz und voll mit Liebe. Ich habe es als Hörbuch gehört es wurde so schön erzählt und die Musik zwischen den Kapiteln hat das ganze noch wirklicher erscheinen lassen. :) auf Cornelia Funke ist einfach immer Verlass!

    13. I kept fluctuating between 3 and four stars. Ultimately I'd probably opt for 3 and 1/2, but since that's not an option, I'll go with four because I think it's more of a personal taste thing over the quality of the book.I'm a huge fan of "Inkheart" so had high hopes for this novel. I quickly realized the two have very different styles, and rightfully so, as this book is (at least I assume) geared for a younger audience.The cast of characters is delightful, each with their own stories and personal [...]

    14. This book is so good, what a wonderful mix of reality and fantasy! I enjoyed it a lot, even though adventure is not my favourite genre. My favourite character is Scipio, let's applaud him for how much he has changed :)

    15. still such a brilliant book reading as an adult.I love the imagination and beauty of this bookAH SO GOOD.I hope Cornelia continues writing beautiful stories like this.

    16. What a wonderful story!My favorite character, aside from the kids, is Venice herself. Cornelia Funke has weaved her story so brilliantly in a gorgeous setting, describing the city as if it had its own personality. I think the story wouldn't be as awesome if it were set somewhere else. The mystery that is Venice, the beauty that is Venice it took my breath away more than once. I also adore the simple illustrations that began each chapter, allowing us a glimpse of the wonderful world these kids li [...]

    17. Orang dewasa tidak ingat lagi, bagaimana rasanya,menjadi anak-anak.Walaupun mereka mengaku begitu.Mereka tidak tahu lagi. Percayalah padaku.Mereka sudah lupa semuanya.Betapa dunia dahulu berkesan lebih besar bagi mereka.Betapa repotnya memanjat ke atas kursi.Bagaimana rasanya kalau harus selalu menengadah?Lupa.Mereka tidak tahu lagi.Kau pun akan melupakannya.Kadang-kadang orang dewasa bercerita, betapa indahnyaketika mereka masih anak-anak.Mereka bahkan bermimpi menjadi anak-anak lagi.Tetapi apa [...]

    18. I was told to start with this book, but began with Inkheart instead. Inkheart is entirely of a different variety, totally magical, but this one is destined to be the classic. Set in the streets of Venice, this book has it all: Italian culture, street savvy kids, the Robin Hood-like notion of stealing from the rich to give to the poor, all the while echoing a sort of Les Miserables-like Griviche type thing.Everybody loves a gang of orphans! These orphans live in a run down movie theater and rule [...]

    19. I read The Thief Lord two years back when I was in Venice for skiing holiday. The book is excellent, and combined with the right surroundings I was smitten. Venice in the winter is misty and dreamy, and when we walked around the city, I could almost see the Thief Lord running around with his friends, cunningly planning their theft, getting more and more mixed up in the plots of grown-ups around them. Funke's storytelling is wonderful, her characters believable, and, for a children's book, The Th [...]

    20. Bagian paling kusuka dalam kisah Pangeran Pencuri adalah setting tempat yang dideskripsikan dengan sangat baik. Penggambaran sungai yang dipenuhi gondola, jalanan selayak labirin, dan patung/bangunan museum di Venesia, menjadi latar yang sangat mendukung petualangan Prosper-Bo bersama Pangeran Pencuri dan kawan-kawan. Proper-Bo kabur dari Bibi mereka yang sengaja ingin memisahkan kakak-beradik ini setelah kematian ibunya. Venesia, kota ajaib yang selalu didongengkan sang ibu menjadi tujuan merek [...]

    21. This book helped me to escape from myself.2016 and 2017 were tough years for me. I was always generally healthy, which didn't serve me well when my body and mind seemed to break apart gradually but ever so steadily. I didn't know how to take care of myself. And when I finally managed to learn, I became obsessed. It became a different kind of unhealthy. I needed to let my mind run far elsewhere, but fear kept drawing me back until I picked up The Thief Lord (and Harry Potter again <3)This book [...]

    22. The Thief Lord, by Cornelia Funke, is a fantasy novel about a two orphaned kids. After being told Prosper, a boy around twelve years of age, and his younger brother, Bo, were going to be separated through adoption, they run away to Venice, Italy. Nearing winter, Prosper believed he would have to turn themselves in to save his little brother, who was ill. Luckily, the boys were saved by a young girl, with the nickname Hornet. She brought them to her hideout, which held two more boys. Their leader [...]

    23. واقعیتش من این و به عنوان هدیه برای کسی خریدم و قبل از هدیه دادن خواندمش. خیلی گروه سنیش نزدیک من نبودداستانش بعضی جاها کش اومده بودو بهترین تصویرهاش هم از ونیز بوددر کل به عنوان کتاب متوسط خوب بود :)

    24. "Apa saja yang dikerjakan orang dewasa sepanjang hari, Victor?""Bekerja. Makan, belanja, membayar tagihan, menelepon, membaca koran, minum kopi, pergi tidur.""Membosankan.""Begitulah."-----Saat-saat ketika kau begitu rindu dengan kebiasaan lamamu; membaca fantasi. Kau akan melakukan apa saja untuk melepas rindu itu; mengorbankan waktu tidurmu, misalnya. Menyenangkan. Khas Funke (walaupun baru baca "Reckless" saja). Ada yang mau meminjamkan "Inkheart" series?Kata kunci: komidi putar, Venezia, ana [...]

    25. I liked it, but somehow I expected more of it. More excitment, more secrets, more revealing of the same secretsI'd love to read more of Cornlia Funke's books, but I know my expectations are and will remain very high.

    26. I am just going to cut to the chase. This novel is EXACTLY like the movie…I mean… the movie is EXACTLY like the book! I watched the movie first which got me to read the book as well. Thinking that the book was going to be a little different than the movie (like all novels are), but to my dismay, there were no differences at all. I liked the fact how the writers in Comet Film Productions created this movie to be spot on with the book. I literally skimmed whole pages and chapters because the m [...]

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