Between the Lines When Hollywood It Boy Reid Alexander arrives on location his intentions are simple film another blockbuster hit while enjoying his celebrity status to the fullest while doing so His costar is a vir

  • Title: Between the Lines
  • Author: Tammara Webber
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Hollywood It Boy, Reid Alexander, arrives on location, his intentions are simple film another blockbuster hit while enjoying his celebrity status to the fullest while doing so His costar is a virtual unknown with whom he had blazing hot chemistry during her auitions The universe is lining up nicely to grant whatever he wants, as usual, until he s confronted with unWhen Hollywood It Boy, Reid Alexander, arrives on location, his intentions are simple film another blockbuster hit while enjoying his celebrity status to the fullest while doing so His costar is a virtual unknown with whom he had blazing hot chemistry during her auitions The universe is lining up nicely to grant whatever he wants, as usual, until he s confronted with unexpected obstacles on location like a bitter ex girlfriend and a rival for the first girl to spark his genuine interest in years.Emma Pierce just got her big break after than a decade of filming commercials for grape juice, department stores and tampons, and recently, bit parts in made for TV movies Nailing the lead role in a wide release film sent her agent, father and stepmother into raptures, and should have done the same for her The Problem Emma is experiencing a building desire to be normal, and starring in a silly, modernized adaptation of one of her favorite novels opposite the very hot Reid Alexander isn t going to advance that aspiration.Indie actor Graham Douglas isn t overly picky when it comes to film roles If it pays, he ll do it Besides, his friend Brooke Cameron snatched up the role of the bitchy hot girl and could use his help as a buffer, because her ex is the star Graham has no problem keeping a handle on the situation, until he finds himself attracted to Reid s costar, Emma, the girl Reid is pursuing full throttle with his standard arsenal of charm, good looks and arrogance.

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    1. Tammara Webber

      Author of the CONTOURS OF THE HEART series and the BETWEEN THE LINES series.I m a hopeful romantic who adores novels with happy endings, because there are enough sad endings in real life Before writing full time, I was an undergraduate academic advisor, economics tutor, planetarium office manager, radiology call center rep, and the palest person to ever work at a tanning salon I married my high school sweetheart, and I m Mom to three adult kids and four very immature cats.Please check my website for book updates If you have questions, I have an FAQ tab there, and a contact form for anything not covered.

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    1. I am a bit shocked that I ended up liking this book at all in the end. I was convinced that I was going to 1 star it for much of the story. And, honestly, it probably deserves 1 star.Reasons this book enraged me:1) We are stuck inside the brain of a huge jackass. When I first started reading this book, I thought Reid was going to be this bad boy that got reformed by the goody-goody girl. That isn't what happened. I kind of want to give props to the author for having the guts to write a character [...]

    2. I have friends who recommend books to me all the time. Great books. I usually read what I'm told, sometimes I push it off, saying "soon". My friend Autumn at Autumn Review and I have an agreement: If one of us doesn't read an "OMG-You-Must-Read-This-Series-Now!!!" recommendation when we're told, the recommend-er is allowed to punch the non-compliant recomend-ee in the face. Virtually, of course. So here I am, offering my face up for a beat down, with no arguments, because Autumn, among others, h [...]

    3. ***3.5 "huh" stars***Dual POVs: Emma has been chosen to play the leading lady in an adaptation of Pride and Prejudiced. Reid is he leading man. The remake is set in the high school scene. Overall feel for the book was- a group of teenage movie stars are on location (away from family) and during their free time they behave in adult mannerisms. Partying, sex, going to clubs, etc. I'm Team Graham and hope he is in the next book. SERIES:No cliffhangers but each story follows the previous one.

    4. I guess some books you simply don't enjoy and no matter how it seems cute, you just don't think its that cute after all. So yeah, i'll cut straight to the chase I think. This triangle, sucked. Sure, it was different considering one was actually a douche and that the characters which got first introduced didn't end up together, but i think it was plain stupid. The main character did nothing but let everyone grab her and kiss her and she was never truly honest with neither. She just needed them to [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this warmly engaging read from start to finish. It's more of an acoustic singer/songwriter piece than a senses assaulting rave (no crazy "teen lingo" or wacky style devices), and the pace and your engagement with the characters builds slowly, but intensely, as the story unfolds. It's a POV of two characters, the somewhat naive Emma, a young actress appearing in her first major film, and Reid, a mega teen idol playing the lead, and he hopes, playing Emma as well. To me Emma was t [...]

    6. (4.5 stars)I don't know what it is about characters who are movie stars that intrigue me. Maybe it's cause I don't find this concept in everyday reads and it's refreshing, but what ever the reason I was really curious about Between the Lines and I'm happy to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Angst and all.I'm gonna start by saying I don't really understand why one of the point of views was Reid Alexander? It's hard to explain unless you've read this book, but it almost felt unnecessary to [...]

    7. ~If I met you last night, and brought you back to my place, or followed you to yours, and we had sex, that's what we asked for from each other. It's what I got, and what you got. I don't know you. You don't know me. Thanks for playing, and we're done. If by some fluke anything was said at some point during this entire exchange that made me curious enough to see you again, I would.Has that happened before? A couple of times. Did it last? Clearly, no.~Sorry that the starting quote was a bit longbu [...]

    8. Let’s get down to it, shall we?The NegativesIt’s mostly Reid. The need to drop kick someone has never been so great as with this boy pig. Seriously?! What was there to like? Sure, he is a highly sought after actor given a face/body to die for, as well as his seemingly bottomless pocket…Oh OK. But still! His personality desperately needed some attention. The way he went through one girl after another~ unapologetic, had me wanting to punch him. HARD. Did the delusionalromantic in me want him [...]

    9. If you harbor a guilty pleasure for reading about the private lives of your favorite actors--and don't we all, sometimes?--you'll be able to appreciate the appeal of this novel. 17-year-old actor Emma, a mostly-unknown, lands the lead role in a teen chick flick opposite the hottest teen male actor going, Reid Alexander. What girl wouldn't lose her head a little when said hottie actually takes a off-screen romantic (or at least sexual) interest in her? Webber doesn't sugar-coat the Hollywood life [...]

    10. 4.5 Stars!! Fantasticloved it! Told from 2 different POV's the story focuses on two actors of an upcoming movie. Reid is Hollywood's bad-boy and Emma is an up and coming star, and quite naïve. Mix in a whole bunch of other young celebs and you have the stuff tabloid fodder is made of. Both come from dysfunctional households, but how they choose to handle what’s been thrown at them, and who they become, is what’s at the heart of this story! Oh and toss in a HOTTIE named Graham *swoon, swoon [...]

    11. I love when a book opens up a world that you know the author really understands. I feel like Tammara Webber knows the world of movies (okay, I totally cheated and stalked her a little, and I know her husband and son work in film), and she let a little door open up for all of us so we could peek in. I loved that the 'bad' wasn't monstrouse it makes sense that the tabloids would exploit and that actors are (shocking!), just like the rest of us. I don't want to include any spoilers, but I hope the [...]

    12. I really didn't like this one. it got such good reviews and I couldn't even bring myself to finish it. Don't bother, it wasn't good. The writing was boring, the characters were boring, the plot was boring.Overall, the book was pretty boring.

    13. It’s a teen celebrity drama-fest, and I can’t get enough!This book has been on my tbr forever, and I’m so glad I finally made a start. It’s clever and unexpected with a great mix of drama, angst, humour and romance and I am completely hooked!Emma Pierce is 17 years old, and is an actress who has just landed a role in a movie which could catapult her into super stardom. Added to that, she is co-starring with the hottest boy in Hollywood, and her celebrity crush, Reid Alexander. Reid is ho [...]

    14. Oh yeah. I guess I should write this review now. I read BTL last week and didn't do much else besides give the book a star rating.Despite a shallow and reckless start to Between the Lines, the last several sections of the book went from frivolous to serious, and knocked me on my ass with emotion.Reid is Hollywood's "it" boy, the type of person who has always gotten what he wanted, and didn't care who he stepped on to get it. He uses girls like most people go through water, and makes no apologies [...]

    15. **Some Spoilers**3.5 stars I really wanted to give this book a 5 star rating, but I just could not do it. It's like saying frozen yogurt tastes just like ice cream. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed reading this book, I devowered it and I'm already going to start Where You Are there was just so much of Graham missing and that's all I wanted to read about. Not Reid and his naughty bad boy ways or his train wreck of a child hood. My hope is that I will be rewarded in Where You Are.Don't even get me st [...]

    16. Таммаре Веббер опять удалось меня удивить. Я большая поклонница ее творчества, мне нравится ее стиль написания, ее истории, ее герои, мне интересны проблемы которые в своих романах поднимает Веббер. Обожаю ее другую серию книг под названием «Contours of the Heart», где автору лихо уд [...]

    17. Summary: Normal Emma Pierce receives the main role in a new major movie, an adaption of Pride and Prejudice. She's acts alongside Reid Alexander, a teen “heartthrob”. And I'm having a trouble even describing the summary of this book because not much happens. UmmSo I didn't really GET this book. Throughout the whole thing I was sadly bored. I would have put it down, but I hate not finishing things. Sticking with it until the end didn't exactly make it any better.For one thing, I disliked all [...]

    18. This had a love triangle, a douchebag womanizer male lead and child actors. And you know what? It was actually good! Color me surprised.The good stuff:✔ The show they're filming is a modern version of "Pride and Prejudice" and I firmly believe everything can be made better with a hearty dose of Liz Bennet and Mr. Darcy. ✔ The banter and antics of the unsupervised teenagers were pretty much what I remember from that time (minus the celebrity status): Lots of drinking and drunken speeches and [...]

    19. This book left me so dissatisfied. I am sitting here frowning about how it ended. It's not that it had a sad ending, I think technically it did have a happily ever after but it just didn't feel that way to me.The book has split perspectives between Reid (bad boy famous actor) and Emma (good girl newbie actress). I really feel like the Reid stuff was pointless if this book is an Emma/Graham love story. I kept thinking Reid would redeem himself, and he came close a few times, but it just never hap [...]

    20. I am on a roll. I've had luck this past week and read only good books. [image error]Woooo-Hoooo!And Between the Lines is one of them. Once I finally picked it up,I just couldn't put it down even though I have a major exam on Friday and need to study(but I never do). What I really loved about this book is that the story revolves around people who are filming a (teen) adaptation to Pride and Prejudice. What can I say? Gotta love Mr.Darcy in any form.Either he looks like Colin Firth,Matthew Macfady [...]

    21. Hmmmm, I have a lot of conflicting thoughts of this book.On one hand Graham was so awesome. Every scene he was in just put a smile on my face. And hey, black hair and dark eyes long muscled lean body My kinda guy! The scenes between him and Emma were so sweet. I love a slow building romance, just look at my love for Matt in Flat Out Love. A friendship but you can tell he wants more, it just tugs your heart.On the other hand, you have to read 60% about Reid. See, it is my belief that if I have to [...]

    22. This is another one where my liking of the book was probably enhanced by my liking of the author's other books, but I DID like it. MUCH more the Hollywood story I want to read, where it's just about their lives and not the EVILNESS of fame.I thought the POV choice was interesting. (view spoiler)[It had been a while since I read the description of these books, so I read the beginning thinking Reid was the definite love interest. I do think maybe we needed into Graham's head. The reveal at the end [...]

    23. Between the Lines es la novela debut de Tammara Webber, ¡y qué debut!Esta novela fue asombrosa, me encantó que haya estado narrado desde diferentes puntos de vista entre Emma y Reid. De los cuales, he de admitir que disfrute leer desde la perspectiva de Emma. La cual cuando las cámaras no están grabando, es tímida, pero quien también saca las garras cuando lo necesita. Sinceramente, Emma es un personaje realista, en ella podemos ver los problemas por los que la mayoría de las adolescente [...]

    24. Mostly when an author approaches me to review their book, it’s for a self-published work. I was very wary of reading them at first, but after reading In The Storm by Karen Metcalf I realized that there are some really great self-published works out there. Yes, they might not be the best edited or the most complete well rounded story, but these authors have amazing potential. Some have even more than just potential; they know how to capture a reader. Between the Lines is one of those stories th [...]

    25. Acabó de terminar este libro, así que teniendo todo fresco en mi cerebro decidí compartir cuanto me gusto la historia. Tenía grandes esperanzas en este libro, !Y no me defraudo!A pesar de que la historia es un cliché, (Enamorarse de un famoso actor no es lo más original del mundo), la personalidad arrogante, presuntuosa y cínica de Reid me enamoro. El libro está narrado desde varios puntos de vista, así que pude meterme en la cabeza de los personajes principales. Me gustó la personalid [...]

    26. I was browsing looking for examples of book blurbs (research for my own novel) when I stumbled across the description of BETWEEN THE LINES. It was only $.99 so I thought "what the hell" and downloaded it even though I have a backlog of "to be read" on my iPad that defies description. I took a break from editing and read the first chapter. Big mistake. I could NOT put this book down. I stayed up all night reading, even though I'm working on a deadline. At first, I assumed this book was a self-pu [...]

    27. I'm still debating on what I think about this one.6/4/13I liked the world: Hollywood. But I feel a little thrown. The blurb mentions Emma and Reid, but Reid is not our hero (in the traditional meaning of the word). So, why was he in the blurb and Graham wasn't? It's like watching a movie trailer and thinking it's a comedy, but when you see the movie, it's a drama. You feel lied to.The other thing that bugged me a bit was the amount of distance the writing style gave. I felt very distant from the [...]

    28. Between the lines is a well-written summer read that I didn't put down from the moment I picked it up. Emma is a likeable, down-to-earth narrator, Reid is waaay more likeable than he should be because Webber gives him colour and dimension, and Graham is utterly cool, laidback and hot. This is such a perfect read for lounging out in the sun and kicking back. Pure escapism.

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